Jeffree Star: Manny Mua Swatches

Lately, my go-to beauty routine has been cover up, mascara, and liquid lipstick. Prior to Jeffree Star, I wore a lot of Kat Von D. However, Jeffree pulled me in with his mini nudes set which I FELL IN LOVE with. I love how light his liquid lipsticks feel. The first time I put one of his shades on, I new no other brand would ever compare. After experiencing makeup brands that had liquid lipsticks that were cakey, drying, and wore off quickly, I personally felt that I had hit the jackpot. While I love the product, I think the thing I love most is the fact that it is cruelty-free AND vegan!

I bought the Manny Mua set during the Black Friday sale because he was doing 40% off. The shades that he included in the set are “I’m shook” and “Daddy.” In my swatch picture, first swatch is Daddy, which is the perfect fall and winter nude, in my opinion. The second swatch is I’m shook, which I wore to work today and got endless compliments on. Third is the “Uranus” skin frost included with set. This is the first skin frost I have ever tried, and I wondering why I have never tried them before!

Overall, I felt that the quality was up to par with everything else he sells!

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