DIY Christmas Gift: Peppermint Soap

I would like to start off by saying I am so sorry I have not been posting very often. I kind of went through a idea block, where I couldn’t think of anything to write, but I am now focused on trying to post to my blog at least once a week. My fellow bloggers, please comment below on how you prevent writer block!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving spent with their family and friends. My thanksgiving was spent like it always has been, started off by going to my mom’s restaurant and cooked in the kitchen with my family, which is honestly my favorite part every year. While I love my extended family, I moved out of my parent’s home about two years ago so I cherish every moment I get to spend with them. Well anyways, speaking of extended family, I have the perfect gift to take to your next family holiday party!

I LOVE a good DIY, especially around the holidays. Personally, I feel like DIY gifts are perfect because they show people that you care without completely breaking the bank. This week I am posting homemade peppermint soaps and next week I’ll be posting another DIY gift so follow my blog!

I have always been a fan of peppermint in the winter. I love a good peppermint mocha latte, peppermint lotion, peppermint candle, candy canes, etc… (I think you get the point). This year I attempted making soaps for the first time after pondering on what to get my extended family. I got my inspiration from a few different Pinterest posts, and then decided to wing it trying my own ideas. After making these soaps, I discovered that I LOVE soap so comment below if there is a soap that you would like me to do a DIY on.

I got EVERYTHING listed below from hobby lobby this week. The jars were half off, for the soap I used the online 40% coupon, and the Christmas snowflakes and fabric were half off! I am always looking for steals.

Peppermint Soap


  • Shea Butter soap base
  • Peppermint soap base or essential oil
  • Soap colors
  • Mold (I personally loved the snowflakes, but you could do any!)
  • Jars
  • Fabric

  1. To begin, grab a cutting board and start dicing up your soap base in one inch cubes. I did each batch with about 2 cups of soap.
  2. Drop a little dye into the bottom of your mold, as the soap will dry to quickly for you to try and swirl it in after pouring it.
  3. Put the soap base in the microwave and melt it in 30 second increments until completely melted.
  4. Take the soap out of the microwave and add 10 drops of peppermint oil, stirring well.
  5. Pour the soap into the molds.


I hope everyone enjoys making these homemade soaps, please share if you enjoyed it!

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