My JustFab Review

The other day JustFab reeled me in with one of their ads on facebook. After searching through literally hundreds of pairs of boots I decided on a pair that I felt was cute but also practical for everyday wear. The website itself is easy to manage and they have a lot of different options for every style. I personally have a wider calf, so I liked that they had wider calf options for boots. They also have wider feet options, which after the boots arriving, I realized I probably should of should have ordered a wide pair due to the boots very narrow build.

There is sort of a catch to getting your first pair of boots for only $10, you have to sign up for their monthly program. However, the website states that if you go on the website between the 1-5 of every month you have the option to opt out for that month and if you don’t a 39 dollar credit will be posted to your account through your payment method. They also claim that you can cancel it at anytime.

I order the boots on the 1st and they were delivered on the 8, which I did not feel was bad for shipping time! When the boots arrived they were in a just fab box and appeared to be pretty well secured within the box.

The first time I tried the boots on I got a little worried that they were going to be too snug, but they have stretched out a little bit. However, I think that going up a half of a size would not hurt! The boots themselves matched the color that was shown in the picture and they appear to be defiantly worth the 10 dollars I paid for them! I am excited to wear these this fall! Comment your thoughts below!

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