5 Ways to Make Your Cubicle Suck Less

When I started my first “Big Girl” job I wanted to make sure that my office space was a place where I could focus and remain positive. Due to my employers having a large number of care coordinators, I do not get a whole office, instead I just get a cubicle. However, I did not let that stop me from decorating it the way I wanted to. There are several things that helped me when it came to deciding how to decorate my cubicle.

1. Pick a color scheme:

I personally chose warm colors because I know that they have been proven to increase mood and because I am a social worker I feel that bright colors could only help! I also feel that it is important to stick to your color scheme that you decide on. Any clips or office supplies that my friends and family get me that does not match my theme, I put out of eye sight because I am a little OCD in that way. Below, Is the colors of the theme.

2. Print Inspirational Quotes/Pictures

I am a true fan of inspirational quotes and feel that they can always turn my mood around after I have had a really bad day. Below are the quotes that I printed, all of which I found off of Pinterest. I then printed photos of my friends and I. After printing all of the things that I knew I wanted on my side of the cubicle I glued them to a glitter piece of cardboard so that it created a sort of frame for the quotes/pictures.

3. Organize your supplies

Personally, I like to keep my things organized and close to me so I used a organizer that my mother gave me to place all of my supplies in. The organizer is cute and it’s functional because you can see within it. Bonus, my mom got it at the dollar general for just a couple of bucks!

4. Keep your cubicle smelling nice

Something else my mother got me for my birthday was this super cute mason jar! I put some of the smelling beads on the bottom that you normally throw in your dryer and some fake flowers on top and it keeps my office smelling great, while looking cute! If I ever notice the smell start to fade, I just give it a shake!

5. Dress up the shelves

Something else I was gifted for my office was these really cute picture frames! Next to those I have a box of tissues, which you never know may come in handy! I also have a little jar with some hidden candy;)

I hope that you guys liked this post! If you want any advice for sprucing up your cubicle, comment below! To save these ideas for later, make sure to pin my post on your Pinterest!

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