Stepping into Ballet Flats

My all time go-to for work is ballet flats. I find high heels to be unbearable for long days of work, whereas flats are comfortable and stylish.  

Just recently, I was researching affordable flats online after deciding not to splurge on the amazing Tiek flats that everyone talks about. While researching alternatives, one brand kept popping up and that was Dream Pair.

 The flats were so cheap that I thought something must be wrong with them. Being a fashion savvy person, I decided that I better do research on them before just getting them because of their cheap price.

I found that people actually left wonderful reviews for these flats, so I decided to splurge and bought every pair! I have had nothing but good luck so far with these shoes and get compliments on them everywhere I go, people have even told me they look like real leather! Also, heads up if you go on their website and sign up first, you get a discount on your purchase through Amazon, which allowed me to get each pair for around 15 dollars! One tip of advice would be to order a half size up if you have wide feet, I did and they fit like a dream (pun intended) :). The thing I love most about Amazon is that it is free returns if you have Prime shipping, so if they do not fit you can return them and order a different size! I hope everyone loves these shoes as much as I do!

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