Hunter boots: Are they worth the money?

After high school, the first university I attended was Northern Illinois. For those of you who do not know much about the Northern part of Illinois, it rains a lot  almost everyday. The summer prior to attending the university, I was researching different pairs of rain boots online because the campus was large and I have never been a fan of wet feet.

Eventually, I stumbled across Hunter Boots and began researching them because they came with a pretty hefty price tag (often around $150). Originally, I purchased a shiny red pair because I wanted to look like all of the girls on pinterest. However, unfortunately when the boots arrived they were way to tight on my calves, so I had to return them :(. After returning those boots, I decided on a navy blue pair with the expandable calf, which fit like a dream. (Picture below) If you have semi-large calfs I would recommend purchasing the expandable calf one (unless you like the sensation of tingly toes, of course). Also, make sure you order a size smaller as they are European sizes. I typically wear an American size eight so I purchased a seven.

I have found that hunter boots are very versatile, which is what justifies the price for me. When I originally bought them, I thought I was just going to wear them in the rain. However, I have worn them to concerts, hiking, grocery shopping, etc. My recommendation would be to invest in a color that you feel will match a lot of your outfits. I have worn them for the last four years and they are still in great shape. Mine have not bloomed, but I got the shiny ones, which I have read do not bloom as fast. 

If you can not justify spending $150 dollars on a pair of rain boots, I have found that a lot of girls try to sell their rain boots online through eBay or Facebook (I found a pair for $50 dollars this way!). Also, they will put last seasons colors on sale quite often. Here is the link to the American hunter boots website.

Comment below with your favorite Hunter boot color or with the outfits that you wear your Hunters with!

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