Tips for Decorating your Graduation Cap

Hello everyone!

When I graduated with my Master’s degree, I decided that I wanted to go out with a BANG, which basically meant decorate my graduation cap:). 

I researched a lot of different caps on Pinterest to help build inspiration, but found little advice in how to actually go about the decoration process. Because of this, I have decided to offer several different tips below to decorating the perfect cap.img_1334.jpg

My cap is pictured on the right, whereas my friends cap is pictured on the left.


1. Where to start?

Cut out a piece of 10×10 inch piece of paper and work on that. This is especially helpful if your cap is not coming in until right before your graduation as you can glue it one right before attending your ceremony. Also, decorating on the piece of paper instead of cap allows for a margin of error, as you can start fresh if you make any mistakes.

2. Best place to buy supplies??

I found that the best place to buy supplies was Hobby Lobby. I have always been a HUGE fan of Hobby Lobby because of their weekly deals. I went into to Hobby Lobby and purchased a wide variaty of things for my friend and I because we were unsure of what we wanted to do at the time. I recommend doing the same and then only opening what you use and returning the rest. I have found that the most popular items place on graduation caps are flowers, jewels, pearls, and other small objects. I found the flowers above in the scrap booking section at Hobby Lobby. Also, make sure you look online as you can always find a 40% off one regular priced item at Hobby Lobby!

3. What should it say?

Personally, this is what my friend and I had the hardest time deciding. To be honest, it probably took us two hours to come up with the sayings up above and thirty minutes to actually decorate the caps. There are several directions one can go when it comes to their saying on their cap. You can do an inspirational quote about how far you have come or where you plan on going. You could do a funny quote, perhaps from your favorite movie. You could also base your quote around your career or future school. Overall, I suggest researching Pinterest if you are stumped like we were!

4. All in all, the biggest thing is to make sure you have fun and to celebrate how far you have come!

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