My go-to accessory? Chunky Necklaces

I am absolutely obsessed with chunky necklaces. Personally, I feel that chunky necklaces make any outfit go from drab to fab. The thing I love most about chunky necklaces is that they are always in style and are so versatile! I started my chunky necklace collection in high school and have been adding to it ever since!

Chunky necklaces can really be worn with any outfit. However, it is important that the necklaces compliment the neckline of your top, you do not want it to clash! For example, where a v type necklace with a v top or wear a choker with a top that comes up to your neckline.

While I was in high school, there was this shop at my local mall that would do $5 necklace specials, which is where I gathered a large majority of my necklaces. However that store closed down, which meant that I had to find new stores that I could find cute necklaces at affordable prices.

One of my favorite stores to shop at is the Lucky Brand! Luckily, we have a Lucky Brand outlet at our local outlet mall, which makes shopping there affordable! A lot of their chunky necklaces have a Boho vibe that is perfect for those who necklaces, but do not want anything to flashy. On sale, most the necklaces can be purchased from $10-20 dollars and are made of great quality!

Another favorite collection of mine is Lauren Conrads  at Kohls. Her collection has softer pieces at very affordable pieces. Also, if you have a kohls card you can get 30% off anytime they are doing a special, bonus!

If anyone else has any favorite places to shop necklaces or wants to know where specific necklaces above were purchased. Please comment below!

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